Welcome to the Middle Aged Nerds Show

We have spent our lives living in the shadows of jocks, politicians, and artists. We have decided to tell all in this glorious show about our adventures and experiences engaging in various books, games, movies, gadgets, technology, science fiction, fantasy, and anything that’s trending or going viral. We understand that the term “nerds” would portray more cerebral conversations and we should probably define ourselves as “geeks”, we tried, but simply did not feel attached to it.

Our show began on Tweak Your Geek, but learned that as we grew it needed to be more than a Geek show, thus the M.A.N. Show was born. We realized there are other MAN shows out there on the internet, but collectively, we felt this title suited us best and decided to move forward with our new identity.

The M.A.N. Show may be about the items listed above, but it’s much more than that; you will find thoughts, stories, reviews, light-opinions, and just an overall fun atmosphere of four brothers enjoying each other’s company. We do caution that our language is not for the faint-hearted as we may be overzealous at times due to excitement or frustration, but nothing will ever be directed towards anyone, ever, well except maybe for Kim Jong-Un because that guy seriously sucks a$$ (metaphorically).

Feel free to check our other pages to learn more about us, listen to our podcasts, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Sub-Reddit (under construction), and, please, please please visit our network – AstroPanda Productions and check out the other podcasts. Thanks!